Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Spoonful of Sunshine for Parents of Children Who Have Autism

As the mom of two children who have autism, one of the things that causes me the most distress is the way some people react to our children. People who face extraordinary challenges should be treated with extraordinary compassion. Unfortunately, sometimes those who face the greatest of challenges are treated with contempt rather than compassion. For this reason, I have a profound appreciation for those all too rare occasions when people rise up en masse to offer support to a person who truly could use it. The following video is example of this type of behavior. For me, it is a spoonful of sunshine to top off a steaming mug of cocoa. High praise to the wonderful people at Fenway Park who opened up their hearts to help a young man with autism sing our national anthem on Disability Awareness Day. To other parents of children who have autism: I hope this video fills you with joy and restores your faith in the human capacity for kindness as it did for me. Michelle McFarland-McDaniels is the mom of two beautiful preteen girls who have autism. She is also a wife, writer, blogger and teacher. Michelle publishes the Autism Assistance Resources and Information blog. She is also the publisher of Funding Autism Treatment and College Resources for Students with Autism.


  1. that is so great. And really, is it that difficult to just help kids if they need it? I love how spontaneous that was...and is what we all hope for our kids, isn't it?


  2. It is really great to find support system I was so glad to have met those people when i attended a seminar at CARD


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