Saturday, January 10, 2009

Am I Doing It Right?

I feel so fortunate that Bacon is 'high functioning' and that he appears to everyone to be a 'normal' kid. I am also beyond blessed that our school district is so great at offering the services that he needs and has such excellent teachers for him. 
I recently returned to work full time though, and am not as involved in his day to day (read here every single second of everything that is going on) activities. I am worried that this is going to cause all kinds of trauma and distress to him in the long run though. The guilt is sometimes horrific. 
Also we are still having all kinds of issues with sensory potty training issues. Part of it is attributed to age I know, but then part of me feels like this will be a never ending battle because of the Asperger's. I cannot remember the last time we went a full day without a pee or poop accident. We take away privileges, we remind him endlessly to go, and still nothing works. He is about 75% trained and has 3 months until he turns 5. I wouldn't be so worried if he wasn't going to mainstream kindergarten, where peeing your pants can turn into some kind of ridiculing nightmare. 
He also still won't sleep in his own bed. He starts there, but always ends up in our bed. We have tried the Super Nanny method of escorting him back to bed 7,952 times, we tried weighted blankets (which freaked him out) sticker reward charts, money, begging and nothing works. I get up at 4am so the constant up and down just doesn't really work for me because I have to sleep in order to be alert for work!
Did I do it wrong by not getting him into OT? Did I do him a disservice by not keeping him in psychotherapy with the lady that was by the train tracks? (Trains are his thing, and every time a train went by he went crazy.) Or am I doing okay, by sort of letting him work it out on his own with school and seeing how it goes? 
He has made so much progress! He can have a conversation with people, he can recognize people's feelings, he can write his name! He is adding! He asks me how MY DAY WAS! Things I NEVER thought I would see...and I know that some parents of kids with Asperger's and Autism will never see. 
I still worry that I am doing it wrong, that I am not doing enough for him. Am I crazy? Or is this what being a mom is like? 
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