Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do you like Autism Sucks?

Look, we have a Facebook page, could you go and Like it so we get more exposure? As you know, I do this for the community, and not really much else, but I want more parents to know they have a place.

Help me to do that.

Go here: Autism Sucks Facebook page

Tina is the creator and head chick in charge around here at Autism Sucks. If you want to write, just ask! Her personal blog is Send Chocolate Now, because when you have kids with autism, life is survivable, but it takes chocolate.

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  1. My problem is I do not put my irl name in my blog so I don't tend to follow stuff or link stuff on fb.

  2. Yeah, I joined the FB page. Woohoo! Hooray, Autism sucks! Wait...

  3. Madmother: that's completely understandable! No worries.

    Dani: thanks for joining, and isn't it nice to know you aren't bailing in the damn boat alone?



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