Friday, August 6, 2010


Now you lot would be racing in here thinking, "Oh my, she's finally lived up to her name and totally lost it. She's giving up her Boy..."  Well, no actually. I could just have well titled this one Organs for Cash, or Lottery Win Needed. Or:

This week we finally had our appointment with the Paediatric Psychiatrist. Yep, the one we teed up three months back. He insisted I have an appointment too. Things he ran through would have taken me ten minutes to fill out on a form. Then Boy 1 is met and spoken too. Surface stuff, though he notices some of the mannerisms, stims and quirks.

We walk out. To pay $490 for the pleasure. Yep. $245 for me + $245 for Boy. Yes, we get a lot of it back via Medicare, but I still cannot help but resent the extra appointment. If there had been a valid purpose/reason, great. But I am not there for revenue raising mate, really not impressed. Makes me question the ethics of someone, and that makes me question if I want them to treat my child. Not feeling positive about this one, that's for sure.

Better run out back to water the tree. Think we are gonna need it.

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  1. Oh, my dear you've touched a nerve here. Last year, our insurance was, well, pretty darn awful. The BETTER docs, programs, etc. didn't take our insurance at all or didn't take insurance period. So, what did we do? Stuck it on the credit card. Of course when the bill came, I attempted to perform a magic ceremony to see if I could change the balance to 0.00! Obviously, I need more tips from Harry Potter.

    Now we have good insurance. Great! But, we still get our time wasted (like you said). My son has grown weary of appts. and doctors. I have to say I have too!

    Hey, can I take a cutting from that money tree to transplant here? could use an extra one. Or an orchard really.

  2. I'm hearing you! I'd constantly book our kids in for appointments and double appointments and triple appointments if necessary back in Tas to see their doctors at one particular surgery there, only to be told on each and every one of them that they wouldn't do all they were meant to or they needed more time etc - we ALWAYS had to go back to complete appointments - total revenue raising!!! Luckily they were all bulk billed so not out of our pockets, but it just stinks that we're at the mercy of some of these docs to have our kids treated and all they see is $$$ not the child or people in front of them! Frustrating things was they were the only surgery taking new patients so we were stuck with them grrr

    I actually went to our doc there and wanted to discuss my depression as I knew it was getting bad - his response was "are you feeling suicidal" I said no, but I wasn't functioning with 4 kids and everyday life at the moment. He said he was running late with is appointments (yes I had to wait 1.5 hours to see him) so as I wasn't suicidal to come back next week to see him again, but if I were to have suicidal thoughts I was to go to the ER. Charming aren't they!!!


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