Tuesday, August 17, 2010


OK, so he's in 8th grade, and we did a partial day placement, where he is taking algebra, science and lang. arts at the public school, then I do the rest at home.  I homeschooled last year, and this was meant to be a transition into high school, without pushing him over the asperger edge.  It'll still be a challenge changing his morning routine, but he's home by 10:30 each morning, and already done with his 3 major classes.  Still gets to see his homeschool friends, and is teaching a palaeontology class this fall to 9-14 year olds.

But here's the blessed new news!  He can do a partial placement in high school AND STILL GET A DIPLOMA, as long as it's in his IEP.  We won't have to pay Clonlara or such institution for a diploma.  Best of both worlds.  No lunch, free time, locker, bus (we're driving him), slip in for 3 classes, get picked up.  If he starts to lose it, he can use his "leave whenever I want to" pass.

Feeling good.  For now.
PS  Just got the new Susan Wise Bauer Ancient and Medieval World History books for high school!

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