Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What are you doing? a cute film about Autism

This short film was put together by Autism Awareness Australia.  It approaches education about Autism through the eyes of brothers, sisters and friends of children who have autism.  A great resource to give to your son/ daughters teacher to show their class.


  1. I think this needs so much more work, great idea but they missed the point really. I dont think it explains ASD at all.

  2. Hi Michele, apologies, I failed to mention that this was put together for teachers to educate students so language and analogies are simplified. I'm interested to understand the point that it missed. Also on resources this is being pushed through Autism Australia in NSW to educate teachers and support parents. http://www.autismtraining.com.au/public/index.cfm. Do you know of anything better?

  3. www.spiritlessons.com The story of Angelica Zambrano


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