Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Day in the Life on the Spectrum

Most of the time I have no idea why my daughters start a tantrum. It is usually only in hind sight, I can hypothesize what led up to the tantrum although, I never know accurately why or what instigated the revolting reactions known as The Tantrum. Before I go on, let me clear up what I am talking about when I say tantrum. Because, a lot of kids have tantrums. They usually throw them when they didn't get their way or maybe when they didn't have enough sleep or are hungry. And, to a stranger, that is what our daughters' tantrums might seem like at the moment. But please, let me elaborate >>>


  1. This one got me *tears*.

    Those *)(*&)(*&)(*&(*&^*& judgey mcjudgers. I dare them to walk a day in our shoes, just one day. Hell, one hour.

  2. This type of TANTRUM is typical if you have a child on the spectrum. Of course I only learned this AFTER he was diagnosed at 3 1/2 and had spent a year and a half battling the endless tantrums. Now I just sort of laugh at him, which I'm sure just makes him madder, but at least it relives my stress. Sometimes though there is no stopping it...those times he is sent to his room, where he wails and whines and carries on until he falls asleep. Then I lay in my bed and sob.

    And those people at her school need their a$$es kicked...BIG TIME. They are the ones in the wrong NOT YOU.

  3. Oh honey. We could have the same daughters. Same age. I homeschool, but we STILL have trouble with tantrums because of transitions.And they are often what you described: blood-curdling, my-mother-kills-me screams and sometimes socking me...YUP.
    Sometimes, there isn't ANYTHING you can do differently, it really depends on the kid.

    Thanks for sharing with Autism Sucks, and know, I live it. Truly.


  4. You could be describing me, except that my episodes don't resolve so easily (probably because I have PTSD as well as PDD NOS).

    "I also remind her that going to the dining hall isn't a choice but how she behaves is a choice. "Do you think you are making the right choice?" Uh-Oh. Now she's pissed."

    I'd get really upset if my mother said that to me, because it's *not* a choice. When I act like that, I'm so scared, sad and angry (but mostly scared) that I can't help but act like that. I'm trying my hardest to find a way to calm down, to get my parents to do what will calm me down (hugs plus the right kind of reassurance regarding whatever has upset me so much) without being able to just say 'mom, I need a hug and I need to know you're not going to force me to do something I can't cope with' (or whatever). Add in being told that I'm choosing to act that way...


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