Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We've moved! (Sort of)

EDIT..Don't worry, our comments are NOT gone. Google says to give it 24-48 hours and our comments should be back. Let's keep an eye on it, and if not, I'll give 'em hell. Others have had this issue, and it resolves itself once the servers sync. So I'm told. If I change the redirect back, the comments show up, so they weren't deleted. We'll give it some time. So.

What Google says

Hey, everyone! We are now officially official with am official URL that officially reflects us! Please update your bookmarks to:

Your feed should still have no problems redirecting, and I THINK that links will also redirect blogspot here, also. But just in case, you could change them. Let's keep Google happy, eh?

We may be easier to find, now. ( was parked by someone, so, sadly, couldn't get that one)

Autism Suckingly,

Tina, Chief Chick in Charge around here


  1. Are you sure it's official? I wasn't really clear on that. ;)

  2. You do realise you lost all of those wonderful comments and discussions in the comments?

    Did you save them elsewhere?

    They had some great info in them.

  3. Madmother: never fear, I'm on it. Takes time to process and sync things, I'm told.

  4. Whew, thanks...

    Boy 1 is not the only one in our family Mad that has a little issue with change. *blush*


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