Friday, May 7, 2010


I know this blog's general theme is to express how hard it all is.  All of it.  I do get that.  But can I just take a minute and say that I think we are actually....happy.  This is what I am so incredibly grateful for:

medications---for him and ME (especially for me)

Each member of our family.  They are all great, but so different.

Faith, God, support from church

our house, and my car.

home school activities, groups, families, classes, curriculum and flexibility

friends and extended family


my gift of organization (which I also hate at times)

my aspie-friendly community

my netbook and cell phone

maturity and age, time


  1. Good reminder and good post, Tami. Happy Mom's Day!

  2. If we didn't have the bad, we wouldn't appreciate the good so much. We are on the upswing here too. May not last, but, by hell, it is SO good when it happens.

    Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow. We are blessed.

    (Oh, and it is autism sucks/autism rocks, lol)

  3. Tami, that was very sweet, and such a good way of reframing things!



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