Thursday, May 27, 2010

Throw in the Towel with me

A few weeks ago, I came here one day and found that it'd been a busy day.

Not one, but three posts. Very similarly sucky posts. I do mean that they were about the sucky parts of autism, not that the posts sucked.

I had to go google "phases of the moon" to check that it wasn't a full moon causing it. 

It wasn't. It was close to being dark of the moon, though, if you really want to know. And it was all very dark here.

Then I found Tina and Madmother plotting (in the comments aisle) to run away to a desert island together.

Mmmmmm, dreaming of desert islands, packing suitcases and throwing in the towel made my day feel less sucky.

Right then, I resolved to post on Autism Sucks and invite everyone to dream with me. Resolve is cheap, and action is slow, I suspect because Tina did in fact run away with Madmother, and wasn't answering emails for a while, but I finally got here.

I am proud to announce...

 Desert Island Day

Here's your suitcase.
(It's one of those magical Mary Poppins ones - bottomless. There'll be no excess baggage charges either.)

We are running away from everything that Sucks.

I'm bringing (reprise):
Cocktails (and wine, and whisky, and oh, just everything alcoholic)
Chocolate (one of those magic, endless Tim Tam packets would do)
Books (to be read uninterrupted)
Laptop with internet (to keep in touch with sane people. Do desert islands have broadband?)
Adult food (you know, with spices and textures, and plenty of gluten)
Personal masseur
Camera (for taking beautiful photos of sunsets while strolling)
Sarong (for covering the bits that hang out of the bikini if you have children and are not a supermodel)

... and I'll throw in the towel.

What will you bring?

I am Lisa, and I can be found in A Different Brainspace  unless I've run away again, in which case I'll be on a desert island somewhere, under the weather.


  1. Oh, sign me up for that trip! I'll take everything you're bringing and funky music with questionable lyrics by an artist who's never released a kids' album.

  2. Crap - you want me to think? Will have to think on this one, or may have you drop around to organise me yourself.

    Can I leave the kids behind. Please.

  3. I'll bring movies that my kids won't let me watch without their commentary on how lame they are. Can I please leave behind all things school-related?

  4. MM, you don't have to think, just dream.
    It's a desert (which should be 'deserted') island, which of course means No kids, No schools. No doctors, no dishes. No tantrums, no meltdowns (OK, maybe the chocolate will meltdown. Better bring a fridge).
    And definitely no organising.

  5. I'll bring the sunscreen!

    Seriously, get me in line for those martinis!


  6. Is it possible to do picture comments? A photo of a martini would work nicely.

    BTW, the island photo is one of mine. Shared my wedding vows on the rock in the middle-ground, 18 years ago next week. Anyone able to guess the island?

  7. I posted a comment yesterday, but it disappeared! It was crucial, too - we need the pool boy to mix & serve the drinks up. :-)

  8. "Oh cabana boy! Bring me a drink with one of those little umbrellas in it. Make it frothy, please."

    I am liking this....

  9. Lisa's Martini Recipe:
    Take one beer jug.
    Half fill with Ice.
    Add a bit of dry vermouth
    Swish to coat the ice.
    Pour out the vermouth.
    Add gin to just cover the ice.
    Pour into a large glass (the lip of the beer jug will keep the ice in the jug).
    Have a bowl of olives on the side.


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