Thursday, July 3, 2008

The only thing that you know for certain...

The only thing that you know for certain is uncertainty. I never know what each day is going to bring. I'm Becky. My son was diagnosed Autistic at age 2. I thought he had a speech delay. Imagine my surprise. I can't wait to bring my whole story to the table. Autism affects each and every one of us on such a core level. It effects our families and our lives. It changes the dynamics of everything we've ever known. Our hopes and dreams have to shift, that really is the bottom line, the bottom line that most people don't talk about. The bottom line that I want to talk about. When you are a little girl or boy you really don't think about what it will look like when you grow up and are raising a special needs child do you? I know I didn't! I do think we were given these children as a gift and they are precious souls. I am in the middle of a legal situation. The opposing legal team has found that they seem to think it beneficial to watch every move I make on the internet (with it being a public forum) so that they can possibly use my sons disability in the most shady way possible. Excuse me while I go vomit. It's a sad day for humanity. They have already submitted pages from my blog into the case. So with all that said I must wait this out with a patient mind and tongue before I share my whole story. I love statcounter by the way. In the interim please feel free to visit me over at *Self Induced Chaos*. After all is said and done I will be able to write without fear of saying something that could be held against me? The opposing legal team still managed to find whatever they found to use though. My friend said it best: Seriously Bec, I think you have a class action civil rights lawsuit here. And know why? Because our litigious society places health care (including mental health) in a freaking capitalistic system where you have to be a CONSUMER who can shop wisely – to the point that insurance companies have said they will fight, tooth and nail to keep from paying out damages, no matter how much integrity they have to lose, how many lives they have to f*ck around with in the process.

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  1. I LOVE YOU. I am going to kick someone's ass over this. I also have some lawyer friends looking into this "legal" practice. I wonder if there is some protection under the American's with Disabilities act. Something has to be in place to protect us and our kids from this madness. Maybe this is it. I always wanted to go to law school and be a supreme court justice, maybe I should go and sue the sh*t out of these shady insurance companies on behalf of parents!!


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