Monday, July 7, 2008


I know I titled this post 8:30 pm, but the story really starts around 6:30pm--every night. That is the time when I, single mommy extraordinare, starts the bedtime routine for my 4 year old and 7 year old boys. First, I announce that this is the LAST tv show of the night. Dinner is over, dessert has been eaten and we need to agree to the last show. Sounds easy right? Sometimes its blissful. Little Brother says "I want to watch (insert Backyardigans, Sponge Bob or Crashbox here) and Big Brother happily agrees...other nights, not so much. Fighting ensues mom breaks up said fighting through compromise, computer, distraction... or insert bad parenting decision here. Step two, 7pm - Bath time. Frankly, to be honest, I LOVE bath time. No TV. I have the kids hostage. They tell me about their day, we laugh, make jokes. Its great. EXCEPT when they are fighting about the water temperature, or who gets to sit by the water, or which one gets their hair washed first. I used to pick which child went through the water torture first, but they hated that. I decided to that I would let fate control this choice, so I started playing the number game "Pick a number between 1 and 10" and whoever was closest would get to pick if they were first or second. But I found that I would cheat! I would think of the number after they had guessed in an attempt to alternate children....this failed miserably. So tonight my wonderful, thoughtful older son, Big Brother (BB) just offered to go first! Mommy loves him so much, sometimes he is so giving and rational and well, just wonderful. Then story time- 7:30. Story time can also be wonderful. My boys are great. They think outside of the box. Today we read a Little Critter book about going to the museum and then they proceeded to design their museum, for your information the Planetarium will be upstairs...their is no other option according to BB. Then we sing songs- they make me dance and they improvise sounds in between the verses. 8pm Hugs, Kisses, Goodnight....or NOT Post bedtime activities BB- "Mother don't you know I stay up for HOURS!" and he is right, he does stay up for hours. First, with LB still awake, we go potty (again) get water (again) The scariest words I get to hear from BB- "Mother, You don't need to tuck me back in. I can do it myself" uh-oh TROUBLE So I check upstairs...and this is literally 3 minutes since I left the room. BB "Look, we are building a temple" and he is, complete with buildings, dinosaurs, dragons and other toys that have resided in the toy closet, untouched, for months. "Please don't take it down....Your not mad are you?" "No, not mad, just go to bed" Minutes go by, I hear doors creaking, cabinet doors slamming, I go back upstairs...BB says to LB "See, you made mother come back up" oh yeah, I have to mention this here. Where did this mother thing come from? I was Mom or mommy up until a few weeks ago- then Mother, Mother, Mother. I asked why and BB said- "Your my mother" Logical yes, but I wish I still got to be mommy. So where are we now...8:33 and things are quite...maybe.. Last night when I took out the garbage and 10pm I came back in to find a screaming BB asking where I had how long does he stay up? "Mother don't you know I stay up for HOURS!" So I am Eile, I have just started blogging here and at my new blog Going Down Laughing. I am a single mom with two boys, a 7 year old Aspie and a 4 year old child that thinks he knows everything. We laugh a lot in my house, and I hope that my writing gets funnier with time.


  1. Great post! I'm very glad to meet you and glad you posted here so I could.

  2. I think that maybe you should look at this little lovely thing called liquid melatonin. We use it on Bacon to get him to sleep at the advice of the neurologist. In his juice before bed and he sleeps for a good 8 hours. Not much, but he sleeps, quietly.

    You sound like you might need that.

    Great post! Good LUCK!

  3. Mrs. Tantrum, thanks for the suggestion, I will check it out. I love your blog, Its how I found Autism Sucks Rocks. :D

    Trish, Thanks for the encouragement. Blogging is so hard! I am glad that you liked it, I hope to get better in time.



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