Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stupid test scores

Warning! Major Vent! So Dino Boy just finished first grade. He had to take a test. The NJ Pass...I hate tests. Well, I don't hate tests, I liked school. I loved college and learning and tests- well, cause I was pretty good at telling the teacher what they wanted to hear- I got A's and even became a teacher. But now, I hate tests. I remember, vaguely, the week that Dino Boy had to take this test. He was nervous, scared even. But then they decided not to give him the test with the class. He got to take it on random days with the school counselor. He was still nervous of course but he didn't know when he was gonna take the test so he couldn't panic ahead of time. I thought this would help him. I didn't focus on the test. Just try, hell, just try to sit. That is all I care about. Please Dino Boy be happy, don't panic, mommy doesn't care what the test says, I know you are brilliant and no one in the world knows more about dinosaurs than you, just, please, BREATHE. And that is what I am telling myself now. Breathe. I am used to high test scores. I got them. My ADHD brother who flunked out of every class still ACED every standardized test that was put in front of him and to be frank he (Uncle Frog) is the smartest person I know. So Dino Boys scores? He did better in math than language arts. I knew that. He hates to read. He can't scan, his sight words are just gone, I try to review and get him to read but making him sit at the table is more than half the battle. ( We are working on this and hope exists) But still on the NJ pass overall scale of 1,2,3, he got a 1 Basic. Minimal skills... some areas better than others but none were really, well, passing. Language arts. worse. Basic again, but this times in ways that I really don't get. I mean, he can recite a story to me tell me details days later. But he couldn't recite for a test? Was is that boring? Could he not fill in the bubble? He loves to be read to, he may not sit for it but it all gets in there....what happened? I don't know whether to cry or throw the f*c>ing test out the f*c>ing window or say that Its ok, this was pre IEP, pre summer occupational therapy, pre my Asperger's book binge, pre internet support group. Next year he will have the same teacher(not yet sure if that is good or not) , an aide, speech, in school OT, maybe out of school OT too. Should I care? Does school just want to make you bang your head against a wall--hard? Thanks for Listening- Eile The rest of this rant continues on my blog. It goes more into fears that I am not yet sure that you all want to hear. So feel free to read the more rambling uncensored version over there. Going Down Laughing


  1. Since my boy is only 6 we haven't had to face a lot of this yet, but we did have to do re-evaluations at the end of the school year...and oh, yeah....I feel you on the hatred of that. KNOWING they are capable but just can't get it out.....frustrating is a word that doesn't begin to cover it.

    Vent on, my friend!

  2. I'm with the Chick . . . expecting any child to cough up answers on demand is tough . . . but someone with communication issues? On command? In a short time frame? The tests are stupid . . . not your kid . . . and you totally deserve the vent!

  3. my daughter, who writes very well, scored not so well on her impromptu, in third or 4th grade... She gets special ed and gets to take it in the resource room with the special ed teacher or social worker (though she works better knowing so it was planned)... But... They asked "Is there Challenge in Nature?"

    My daughter answered: This is a ridiculous question, of course there is challenge in nature. Methinks they need to adjust the questions for her intelligence, along with giving her extra time...

  4. "Does school just want to make you bang your head against a wall--hard?"

    Oh yes. That's why I'm homeschooled.


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