Thursday, July 24, 2008

On the Michael Savage Controversy

Most of us know what Michael Savage said about autism a few days ago. I am not going to recap. I am also not going to blog my reaction to it, because it is, predictably unfavorable. But men like Savage expect an unfavorable reaction. Press, good or bad, is what drives ratings. So, I would like to encourage you:

Don't Feed the Trolls. Even the highly-paid, syndicated radio ones.

Do you remember back in the day when posters would pop into chat rooms or BBS systems, say the most inane things and try to start a fight? Remember what we used to say? Don't feed the trolls. If they don't eat, they leave. Given no one who will rise to their bait, they have to go elsewhwere.

It's the same with Michael Savage. What he said was savage. And he will say worse, he always does. But don't fight him.

Instead, target his advertisers. Get him off the air. Without his radio platform, he will just be another loudmouth shooting his mouth off about what he doesn't understand. But, then, so is a quarter of America. The difference is, they don't have a forum in which to do it.

So I say again. Don't talk about it. Don't blog it, just act. Boycott the advertisers and get rid of this man once and for all.

This list came from here, so make sure go and give him love for compiling this.

A list of current advertisers and their websites

Digital Media Inc., U.S.A.: Nevada State Corporate Network, Inc.: Roger Schlesinger, the Mortgage Minute Guy: Effectur: Geico: Home Depot: Wachovia: Gold Bond: FreshStart America: Heritage Foundation: Breakpoint: [Link removed; see "Breakpoint Responds Re: Michael Savage] Debt Consultants of America (snail mail and phone number listings): DirectBuy: [See " Responds Re: Michael Savage"] WebEx:

T, who says, house elves are ok to feed

T. is a writer, wife and mother of three children, two who have high-functioning autism. She advocates for autism awareness and education, as well as acceptance. She views autism as a growth process and the opportunity to connect parents for support as a privilege. She is the Special Needs Editor at typeamom and her own site, Send Chocolate reflects her passion for her children and autism.


  1. Agreed. My husband contacted the program director straight away.

  2. Did any of you actually listen to the show, or are you just knee-jerk reacting to something you heard from someone else or a partial, out-of-context audio clip posted somewhere by MediaMatters?

    If you'd actually heard the show--the whole show! not just a partial clip!--you'd realize that Savage was railing against the pharmaceutical industry and the pseudo-doctors in the educational establishment who are behind an epidemic of misdiagnosing and over-prescribing of our children in order to sell more drugs, in the case of the former, and brainwash our kids into compliant automatons unable to THINK for themselves, in the case of the latter.

    He was not disparaging autism, which he agrees is a tragic, serious, very real condition, but rather he was disparaging the rampant MISDIAGNOSING of autism, ADD, ADHD, and a whole host of other "syndromes" and "disorders" that have been "discovered" during the last 50 years.

    You should get your facts straight before you launch an attack to stifle the free speech of one who has the courage to tell the truth about the corruption taking place in this nation today.

    Listen--REALLY listen--and know the truth by your heart.

  3. My brother has Asperger's Syndrome, He is difficult but I Love Him anyway!



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